Okay! We’re almost to the homestretch, and then I’ll be able to get a good idea on what I will be able to create here for a little while. Some big things have been happening in the background that I can’t quite give a lot of details on but it’s really neat.

In the meanwhile, have a preview of the last three prints I am preparing for OHAYOCON down in Columbus OH this coming weekend! I needed to flesh out some of my Original Works for the booth, and what better topic to pick than my game characters! :) (These were also things I had planned on doing earlier this month, but then, yanno, I burned my hand. WHOOPS). I’m almost nearing the catch up phase, and next project is finishing the third TANGERINE WINGS in time for printing for Shuto Con. :) Cross your fingers guys! I’m workin’ as hard as I can!