Comic currently set to be on Hiatus – Slated to return in Q4!

Greetings readers – I know this post wasn’t what you were probably expecting to find as the update today, but I had some information for you all.

My outside job (outside of comic drawing) is about to get very busy and very jam-packed for the next several months. So much so, that i know i won’t be able to devote a constant stream of comics like I had throughout most of last year.

Instead of pushing out hastily penciled pages, I have chosen to put the comic onto a hiatus until the end of the year (in quarter 4, as the business world likes to say).

During this time I will also be taking time to take care of my own health as well, so upon returning I will be at my best for all of you. (and make sure my arm doesn’t die like it did before, and yes, i’ll make sure not to burn myself accidentally)

Do not fret! I will be continuing work on the comic when i am able to, so that when i return i will have new posts ready for you!

I shall do my best to continue to update the tumblr, and you can always find artwork at: